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Imperial Series Double-edged Katana (88DEC)

Cold Steel uses only traditional materials for their Japanese sword's fittings. The Tsuba (guard), Fuchi (collar), and Kashira (pommel), are expertly made and finely crafted from black iron. The Habaki (blade collar), is hand made out of polished brass and each hilt is covered in Same'(ray skin) and tightly wrapped in the traditional style with black cord. A beautiful brass Menuki (a small, ornamental sculpture inserted between the ray skin and the cord wrappings on the handle) enhances the sword's aesthetic appearance and makes for a sword that is as traditional as possible.

This sword is unique in that it has a double edge; both sides of the blade are sharp. 

Weight: 29.9 oz.
Thick: 9/32"
Blade: 25"
Handle: 10" long. Same'(Ray Skin) and Black braid cord
Steel: 1050 mirror polished high carbon spring steel
Overall Length: 35"
Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard

From Cold Steel

List Price - $940
Our Price - discontinued



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