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Hand-and-a-Half (Bastard) Sword (88HNH)

We would be hard pressed to think of a more versatile or effective sword than the "Bastard" or "Hand-and-a-Half Sword" we offer here (called a "Bastard" sword because it is neither a one-handed nor a two-handed sword). For a sword of this size, it's amazingly light and fast and tips the scales at approximately 3 lbs. Its 33 1/2" long blade is quite wide so it can produce deep shearing type cuts yet pointed enough to be effective in a thrusting attack. Its long handle is suitable for both a one or two handed grip and is fashioned out of wood covered in black leather. To balance the long blade we have capped the butt with a beautiful "scent stopper" pommel which can be a lethal weapon in its own right. Every Hand-and-a-Half Sword reflects the highest standards in workmanship and materials and comes fully sharpened and ready for battle! 

To safely house the blade we have also included a very attractive scabbard made of wood covered with black leather and steel throat and chape.

Weight: 49 oz.
Blade Thickness: 1/5"
Blade Length: 33 1/2"
Handle: 9 1/8" long. Leather Wrapped
Steel: 1050
Overall Length: 42 5/8"
Sheath: Leather/Wood Scabbard with Steel Fittings

From Cold Steel

List Price - $440
Our Price - $270

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