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1908 Indian Cavalry Saber (88ICS) 

What makes an ideal a cavalry saber' To impale your enemies in the charge, you need a narrow stiff blade with a sharp point. In the m'', on an immobile horse, you need a wide, curved, semi flexible blade for cutting and slashing. The British set up a committee to study this quandary and, in 1908, settled on a saber whose long suit was the thrust. It had a narrow, 35" long blade, a thick cross section and a sharp point. It had an excellent bowl shaped hand guard and a grip that automatically brought the point 'in line' for the perfect thrust. It was easy to carry too, as its scabbard had two rings for suspending it from one's belt or attaching it to a saddle. Eventually adopted by the Indian Army, it's still issued today as the 1908 Indian Army Cavalry Saber. The president of Cold Steel has become quite fond of this saber after fencing extensively with it and we are now proud to offer our interpretation of this fantastic weapon. It replicates the original lines with only a slightly lighter gauge steel for the bowl guard (for improved balance), and a more durable plastic grip. In our tests this saber has proven ideal for ground combat as well as on the saddle, and, when well sharpened, can deliver a frightfully effective cut as well.

Overall: 42"
Blade: 35"
Thick: 8.5mm
Weight: 40.7oz.
Steel: 1050 High Carbon

From Cold Steel

List Price - $385
Our Price - discontinued