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Scottish Broad Sword (88SB)

The traditional weapon of the highland clansman, these swords have sown fear into the hearts of Englishmen for centuries. The double edged blade, the Broad Sword, is hand forged and beautifully polished with triple fullers. 

It's a lively blade that cuts very strongly due to its width and "V" shaped cross section. This sword will pass the stringent British Proof Test and comes with a wood and leather scabbard that's complemented by a blued steel chape and throat. If you're looking for a very stout, sharp basket hilt sword, this will surely fit the bill. 


The stout basket hilt is made of blued steel with a black leather handle, decoratively wrapped in copper wire.

Weight: 47.8 oz. (Broad Sword)
Blade Thick: 7/32"
Blade Length: 31 1/2"
Handle: 6 1/4"
Steel: 1050 High Carbon
Overall Length: 37 3/4"
Sheath: Blued Steel Basket. Leather/Wood Scabbard with Blued Steel Fittings

From Cold Steel

List Price - $390
Our Price - $250

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