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The One Ring (Gold Lettering)


This is the One Ring
from Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings".

This ring is 24k gold plated over bronze and looks just like solid gold with beautiful precise detailed engraving of the Elvish Tengwar runes. 

Along the outside of the One Ring, the flowing script reads:
"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them."

The inside of the One Ring contains the second line:
"One Ring to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them." 

Click here to read more about the language and script used on the One Ring

The One Ring is available in one size only -  9.5. It is mainly intended for use in a display or to be worn as a necklace ring, and comes with a 24" gold plated chain, so you can wear it on your neck as Frodo did. We can also sell the solid sterling silver and solid gold versions of the One Ring if you're interested.

Because of the nature of this version of the One Ring, it cannot be resized. The One Ring comes in a velveteen jewelry pouch, and it makes a great gift.

List Price - $50
Our Price - $39


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