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You have the best custom service I have seen in a long time and that makes all the difference in the world to me. I will not buy a sword anywhere else.
Thanks again, Randy S. 10/7/2010


The sword arrived this evening. It is fabulous!! And, I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you a ton. You are an excellent merchant, with awesome customer service. If positive feedback is worth anything, I will do my part to make you rich!!
Pete H. 8/31/2010

Thanks for sending the katana sword man, it is awesome! :-)
Joseph H. 3/20/2010

Thanks - it got here last night, just in the "nick" of time!  Happy Holidays to you as well.
Jennifer B. 12/24/2009


Yes it, thank you! Arrived this afternoon, as a matter of fact. The sword is even better than I expected!
thanks, Peter K. 12/5/2009

Thanks again for the swords! They were perfect! I was very grateful for the great deal you gave me on the swords...
Alexander V. 10/2/2009


 I need a new sword. As always I prefer to give you the business.
Rick C. 5/26/2009

Thank you so much Ken, I appreciate your effort in locating this sword, it is truly amazing, the distressing on the hilt is extremely well done.
The sword arrived today, the 22nd, and I was very impressed with it, this is the second sword in my collection.

I cannot say how happy I am about purchasing from Bladeseller, and I'm not exaggerating, the arrival of this sword has truly made my week.
I would recommend Bladeseller to anyone I know.
Andrew S. 9/22/2006 are one of the few fast sellers, I like doing business with you
Chris S. 9/13/2006

It came a day early! Thank you for the sword. I really like it.
Skye C. 9/7/2006

Thank you for emailing me about these, that's some good customer service!
Zsolt R. 6/16/2006

Tyler R. 6/6/2006

Received it last week - excellent
Glen W. 5/18/2006

I would just want to let you know that the sword we bought from you early February, sent via my friend Henry in Houston and handcarried back to Norway is a beautiful item. Everybody who have seen it are impressed by the beauty and quality of this sword.
I enclose a picture of the happy young Norwegian Olav and his sword.
Jon T. 3/1/2006

Thank you soooo much-- my husband is going to be so excited!!
Gretchen W. 2/2/2006

Thanks to your Webpage about sword tangs and your explanation now I know what I need to know... We need more people like you in this business!.
Thanks again for your quick reply.
Clem B. 1/12/2006

Love the Helm and museum sting.  Looking forward to the gauntlet.
Don K. 3/29/2005

Just wanted to let you know my boyfriend's reaction when I gave him his sword; He loves it! he was speechless when I gave it to him.
Kathy S. 3/28/2005

I will be waiting to snap the new Episode III Master Replicas Sabers up as quick as possible and I know that you have better prices than anyone I know.  Probably will end up with both Kenobi and Anakin replicas, but would rather it be through you.  Thanks again Ken, take care!
Josh C. 2/2/2005

I want to let you know that I'm thrilled to death with the small sword. It is superb and was well worth the wait. The quality was more than I imagined. Seriously, it's magnificent!
Matt W. 1/7/2005

By the way, I really enjoyed your site. I saw quite a few items that looked very interesting. Will have to scrape up my pennies and make purchases. 
John A. 12/30/2004

The Cold Steel Imperial Series Katana is a beautiful sword.  After three hours of searching the internet for this particular sword, your prices are the best.
Monique W. 12/17/2004 

Thanks Ken! I arrived home from work and found the Mace Windu FX Lightsaber  waiting for me. It looks awesome!!!!!?Thanks a million!
Juan A. 11/3/2004

I got the helmet today. Its great! 
Adam W. 10/27/2004

I love the sword...
Thank you so much!

Jodi I. 9/30/2004

This is the best price I've found so far!

Nathan S. 8/11/2004

Thanks for the superior service. I was up 'till midnight reading all the pages on that link you sent me about Japanese swords.

Vic S. 7/31/2004

Just wanted to let you know that Herugrim arrived today! That's a gorgeous sword! None of the pictures do the details on the hilt justice.
Wendy L. 7/27/2004

Hello, It's just me again.  Have I told you how pleased I am with the last saber that you sent me?  Well, I'm thrilled.  Really, it's fantastic!    
Matthew W. 6/21/2004

You have made this a very easy transaction.  I think I will be doing more business with you in the future... How do you keep your prices so low?  Thanks for everything. 
Josh M. 6/14/2004

Thank you for going out of your way to find the Glamdring sword for me. That was very nice of you. Waiting with great anticipation! 
Sincerely, Steven F. 6/9/2004

The katanas have arrived, we are very happy with them, thank you once again !!
Jeppe V. 5/24/2004

Just wanted to let you know that the "sharp, pointy object" arrived today and I am VERY HAPPY!! The thing is huge! I guess you'd have to be very tall to actually use it as a sword. If someone my height was to wear it in a belt scabbard, it would drag on the ground. :o) We are trying to find wall space for it right now. Thanks so much for your care and excellent customer service. As I said before - I'll tell all my friends about Bladeseller. My husband wants some things off your website too so you'll be seeing more orders from us. Thanks again!
 Wendy L. 5/14/2004

Any time we want sharp pointy objects, or my friends do, we will be going to Bladeseller! Thanks again and I'll let you know when it arrives!
 Wendy L. 5/12/2004

I like your website quite a bit and plan to order additional stuff from you in the future.
Robert J. 4/29/2004

I just purchased a sword from Ken and I couldn't be happier than I am right now.
Communication was very good and the shipping of my sword was very fast. I definitely will do business again.
Guy S. 4/23/2004

Thank you.  The sword is great and fulfilled my expectations.
Steve L. 4/20/2004

Thanks for the sword.  My son is enjoying it very much, and I'm quite pleased with it as well.
Count us as satisfied customers.
Steve C. 4/11/2004

I got my sword yesterday. What a piece of work. I had a dose of the flu yesterday, so I took the day of work, Around 10:30 am I was woken by DHL. When I realised it was my new sword it was the best cure I ever got. Everyone is amazed by it.
David M. 4/6/2004

I got Anduril a couple of days ago - It arrived in perfect shape.   I am very pleased and was planning on contacting you this weekend to let you know it arrived and to thank you for all your efforts in helping to make the transaction work.  I will provide feedback to ebay and you bet it will be very positive.  Additionally, I will be ordering my future swords from you. 
Don K. 3/26/2004

Thanks!!...I appreciate all that you have done for me with everything that I have ordered from you.  It's great to be able to get ahold of the person you are ordering from and fix anything that could be wrong with an order.
-Josh C. 3/17/2004

I was specifically interested in the Valiant Armory Wallace Sword. Is this sword brand new??$160 is by far the best price I have seen anywhere and I just wanted to know if there were any reasons why it was so cheap?
-Scott S. 2/29/2004
Our reply: "Yes! All are new from the factory, nothing is used or returned... we just feel like we don't need to make $100 profit on everything, so we price most things very reasonably so that everyone has a chance to own a nice sword..." 

-Ken V. 2/29/2004

Thank you again for being so helpful! A lot of sites I have emailed have not even bothered to email me back and I contacted them a few days you will more than likely get ALL my business. ;)
- Shannon W. 2/14/2004

Ken, Thanks much. The product has been wonderful and your service has been excellent.
- Susan S. 2/4/2004

I just got the sword today, and it looks great! You've got a pretty good selection at your site, not to mention quick shipping! Thanks for getting it out to me so fast!
- Daryl B. 1/28/2004

Thanks a lot, I just got it yesterday, and was really shocked that it got here so quick. I am really happy with it, and it's nice to have it already.
Thanks for all of the help and keeping me updated, it's probably the most help I've ever received from any collectibles site.
- Josh C.  1/21/2004

It has been a pleasure Ken...I only wish everyone I did business with was as
reliable as you have been.
- Craig H.  1/8/2004

I love the collection of swords you have and have made it at the top of my "favorite"
list on the computer. 
- Denny R. 1/7/2004

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your diligent efforts to satisfy me as a
client. Espero hacer negocios con usted en el futuro y recomendarle a mis
amistades. Gracias amigo. 
- Manuel M. 9/8/2003

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